Laura’s Thailand Visit

We are trying to locate funding for the two undergraduate students a year who worked on the Dr. Nuntiyakul’s projects to attend and present (orally) their work at Physics Conference in Thailand.

Conference in Summer 2016

Dr. Nuntiyakul worked with two students, Laura Moon and Kyle Lueckfeld, in a project to develop a new Monte Carlo simulation of the UWRF neutron monitors in the summer 2015 at UWRF. The work has been submitted to an IEEE journal. Laura was subsequently invited to Thailand to speak about the research at the International Conference on Science and Technology 2015 (TICST 2015). The conference is jointly organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (Thailand), National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), Kobe University (Japan), Islamic University of Indonesia (Indonesia), and National Food Research Institute (Japan). The visit was both scientifically and culturally successful, and Laura continues to do astrophysics research. She also deployed to Antarctica in January, 2016 to support UWRF taking over maintaining and operating the neutron monitors there.

Laura Parmeter (Moon) shared research knowledge with Thai students who worked on research project with Dr. Nuntiyakul in Thailand.